(Real Entertainment News Event Cover) Strencil Artist Jules Demetrius Talks Creating Fine Art

Strencil Artist Jules Demetrius Talks Creating Fine Art

Last night I had the opportunity to meet an amazing guy by the name of Jules Demetrius. He is a Fine Art Creator and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. I was introduced to Jules Demetrius, by one of his family members. Her name is Candice Nicole and she is one of the top P.R. people in the entertainment industry. One of her clients is The Jasmine Brand, who is in the top 5 of entertainment bloggers in the world.Yesterday Candice Nicole posted on Twitter that her Uncle Jules was having a event in Phoenix.  The event was down the street from where I live. So I decided to reach out to Candice and ask can I go and cover the event. She told me “sure the event is free, just make sure you tell my Uncle Jules that I sent you“. So I get to the event and who do I see? the homie Paco.

Jules Demetrius, Paco and Myself

Jules Demetrius

This made me more comfortable because I seen someone I knew. Turns out me and Jules Demetrius know a lot of the same people here in Arizona.  So after talking to Jules and his Wife, we did a exclusive interview. This interview is very powerful and it may bring you to tears once you here Strencil Artist Jules Demetrius Story. Check the play button below to see it right now.

Man that was powerful yo. Uncle Jules really put on a great event last night, below are some pictures of some of his art work as well as a picture of Jules Demetrius and his wife, who sold one of the pieces of art for Uncle Jules. Now that is what I like to call a real women that has your back.

Jules Demetrius and His Wife

Fine Art Painter Jules Demetrius

Jules Srencil Art Work

Fine Art

Jules Srencil Art Work

Fine Art Creator

Jules Srencil Art Work

Jules Demetrius

If you like what you see and you would like Jules Demetrius to create a piece of Fine Art for you. Please contact him via email at TheArtKid@gmail.com and check out some of his other Art Work on his Tumblr page which is JulesDemetrius.Tumblr.com 

Please comment on how you feel about this interview and make sure you share this on all of your social media networks. Also tell me how I did with covering this event. It was my first time doing something like this so I need your feedback so I can get better at it.