Julia Roberts Has No Problem Dropping The F-Bomb At “August” Osage County Premiere

Julia Roberts Has No Problem Dropping The F-Bomb

Julia Roberts is a really famous movie star. But that does not mean, she does not have a potty mouth. While at the August Osage County  Premiere, Julia Roberts tossed around The F-Bomb a couple of  times to a E! Entertainment News Reporter about how pretty  her Co Star Julianne Nicholson was looking. Hey at the end of the day, even a women can be thankful to see another bad ass chick, “Famous Or Not”  lol lol. Check out the clip below and hear it for yourself. After all, here at Real Entertainment News, we keep it 110% real my G. Shout out to Julianne Nicholson, that is the chick that Julia Roberts was talking about. She is pretty shitty to me but I guess everyone has their fans right?

Please comment on how you feel about Julia Roberts dropping the F-Bomb and what do you think about that Julianne Nicholson chick.

Source: E! Entertainment News