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(New Exclusive Written Interview) Actress Kirsty Hill Talks Acting Career With Kareem Williams

Actress Kirsty Hill Talks Acting Career With Kareem Williams

Photo Credit Goes To Brian Gross

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Photo Credit Goes To Brian Gross

1. Kirsty Hill you are an Actress and you moved to California in 2005. How was the feeling of leaving South Wales to go to California and what did that move teach you, now looking back at it?

I wanted to be a movie actress. I set goals and worked hard to make them happen. It taught me if you work hard you can do anything you set your mind to.

2. Kirsty Hill in your eye’s what are the pro’s and con’s of being an Actress and what does Acting do for you emotionally?

Acting is a great way for me to express myself. I have not experienced the cons of acting everything so far has been a great experience

3. Kirsty Hill you are also a model as well. How did modeling help your Acting career and how did your acting career help your modeling career?

Modeling has opened acting doors and acting has opened modeling doors. They both have introduced me to new opportunities.

4. Kirsty Hill you also run a very popular movie review website. In your eye’s, what do you feel your website bring to the Entertainment industry that is not already there?


5. Kirsty Hill for the people who do not know. What is the name of your website and what made you want to create this powerful website that delivers so much value to the industry?

6. Kirsty Hill what are the pro’s and con’s of running a popular website and what advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own website?

It is exciting to have a website that people enjoy viewing. If you are looking to start your own website. Create a concept and run with it.

7. Kirsty Hill you have appeared in many Mainstream movies. What are you top three roles you played and why are they your top three roles?

A. Cannibal blood girl, Was a lot of fun filming. I was covered in blood and killed people. It was very exiting to play a killer roll.

B. Hungover Games, I am a fan of the hang over and hunger games. It was a pleasure to be part of reenacting these films.

C. Is a movie I can not discuss at this moment…….. but am very excited about. I play an assassin.

8. Kirsty Hill what other business ventures do you have going on right now that may shock us?

I have many things in the works at this moment. you can keep up with me at

9. What is your mission statement and where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself as a more established actress.

(New Exclusive Written Interview) Deseray Love Talks About Being A Adult Film Actress

Deseray Love Talks About Being A Adult Film Actress

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I have been acting and entertaining for over four years now.
Emotionally, this business can make or break you. That’s why you see so many performers come and go. You have to understand emotions and sex are not the same thing. You have to enjoy being in front of people to really make a splash in this Industry. Most humans, in general enjoy sex either behind close doors, and/or in front of a camera. I consider myself an exhibitionist and I really do enjoy both men and women in my personal life. So, being an adult entertain emotionally, it is satisfying in the most erotic way to me. And being with more than one person is a natural thing.
Pros of being an adult entertainer, would be all orgasms I have! And that serotonin released from all that cumming, well, what’s better than a natural high? It is the ultimate de-stressor. Another pro would be some of my die-hard fans! The real committed ones send me surprises from my Amazon list to keep my outfits and make up fresh. This support makes more of those naughty videos you all love so much! Shout out to my supporters; I love you! You’re amazing!
Cons, in the ADULT BUSINESS, is the drama from juvenile people who aren’t really serious about their business. We are all trying to reach a height of fame or gain and if they were really focused on building their image the way they are focused on keeping some else from getting there, they might come close to being a star.
Only a true dome master really enjoys giving oral sex. I get off on how hard the dick gets, and the sounds and squirms the guy makes when I deep throat. To show another female, I would say experience tops any training. They just have to watch and pay attention to the Dicks’ sensitive spots.
And if you aren’t a deep throat queen but you want to learn, I would invest in ‘deep throat spray’, you can find them at your local sex shop. It a spray that numbs your throat. But, the spray is just to open you up, if you always have to use it to give head, then you’re not a real oral queen.
I change-up my favorite positions some times, on and off camera… But, I think from watching my own videos, the most flattering for me would be doggie. I like how my ass looks bent over. Spoon is a great position for any sex scene but, I like how my breasts look bouncing up and down when I am getting fucked, also, you can see in my face how much I am enjoying it. And it’s easy to play with my clitoris in the spoon position, which maximizes those orgasms we were talking about earlier!
I have f%$ked in a lot of places… Don’t I don’t even know what would be defined as crazy anymore.
There are no cons to an orgy; sharing is caring. And the pro would be: You never get bored!
I cannot disclose what celebrities I have been with; mums the word on that. But, celebrities in the Adult Industry, the most famous would be, D Wise, who won an AVN award in 2005.
And Lil Freak n U, who is always around to pleasure you when you need it the most. Both of them are legends in this Business.
Without giving you all my plans; I am venturing into culinary and apparel enterprises. Stay tuned!
My mission in promoting ‘Deseray Love’ would be to have my name known across our country and build an empire of different aspects to my label. I am not just sticking to XXX entertainment. In the next five years, I will be building my brand and surrounding myself with a team of people who are really about making money and owning their own businesses. Together, we will break out of the norm and create our own.
(New Exclusive Written Interview) Alana Evans Delivers The Worst Interview Of My Career
Alana Evans Delivers The Worst Interview Of My Career
This was one of the worst interviews I have done in my life and in my career as a Celebrity Blogger/ Interviewer. Adult Film Actress Alana Evans and I will most likely not get along or like each other after this hits the marketplace. At the end of the day, who really gives a F%$K right? I had a lot of respect for this grandma ass porn chick. I never looked down on her because of her profession. I felt that she was super cool, down to earth and was in to video games. This is what made me want to interview her. My process in getting this interview started 4 months ago. I reach out to her on Twitter and she was down with it at first. A couple of month goes by and I get no answers back after sending her the questions. I tweet her, asking respectfully whats up with the interview. She tells me “Dude I am busy ok” lol. Finally tonight after 4 months, I tweeted to her again, stating how much respect I had for her and how it would be an honor to interview her, she replied back saying send me the questions again. Totally Disrespectful because I had sent the questions to the same email address 3 times already. So I told her to search my email address and find the questions. This is what I got back from her. Out of 10 questions she only answered 7, stating that the other questions were redundant. F$%K out of here with that bull S&%t Grandma. I am going to leave those questions below so you can be the judge and tell me if they are redundant or is this Dinosaur ass porn chick just trippen. What this old ass porn chick does not understand is, you need us bloggers just like we need you. Alana Evans, If your ugly ass want respect, then please give it back. I know you parents raised you better then that, Or did they?
Here Is That Horrible Written Interview With Adult Film Actress Alana Evans:
I’ve  been a gamer my entire life. I’ve been playing since release of the Atari 2600. Video games for me is a great stress reliever, and a great escape.
The Xbox one is my favorite console. I really enjoy the way it works as a multimedia device. The kinect works better than any motion camera I’ve ever used, and I’m excited about their exclusive releases. Being that it is a next GEN console, the graphics and the engine capability far exceed any of the previous consoles.
My website pounds by girls offers video game reviews, video game news, and more. We post cause play galleries as well as fun videos of lives streams. I really enjoy owning my own website. It gives me the control to offer my fans being the highest possible quality gaming experience with their favorite gamer girls. The only difficult thing about running your website is knowing all of the decisions are left up to you. While I love being in control, sometimes it would be nice to have someone else where the shoes for a day.
Question Not Answered
We attend as many of the video game related conventions as possible. We have a lot of fun dressing up in cosplay gear for the comic con type shows, but for E3 it is more of a serious event for us. We are usually they’re working as press getting as much news as possible about upcoming games and release is from the different companies. When we had 10 mean shows, it’s as ourselves, not necessarily as our porn personas.
I got into the adult industry because I wanted to be a feature dancer. I enjoyed making the movies so much, but I never laughed to dance. Being in the adult industry isn’t for everyone. It is a lot of hard work, a lot of pressure, and we are judged by many.
The difference between work and your personal life, is the emotional connection between your partners. While work on set can be fun, it’s always work.
To being with a woman that’s in the adult industry, it’s not always about pleasing her sexually. We are so much deeper than that. The biggest concern about being with an adult film star is the ability to deal with what she does for a living. Not on how your Johnson holds up. Men that are more concerned with that will never last with an adult I’m star.
Question Not Answered
Question Not Answered

(New Exclusive Written Interview) Adult Film Actress Allison Moore Gets Really Dirty

Adult Film Actress Allison Moore Gets Really Dirty

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1. Allison Moore, you’re a full time student, what are you studying and what are the pros and cons of being a adult film actress and going to school as well?

My major is Psychology and I’m minoring in Statistics. I love psychology and statistics. I’m a real nerd. It can be difficult juggling work and school, but my agent and directors have been really flexible and understand that school and family come first. Doing adult has allowed me to be able to go back to school. At any other job, I wouldn’t have the means to do so.

2. You are also a mother. What does mommy hood do for you emotionally and what are three key things to being a successful mother in your eyes?

I love being a mom. Doing adult allows me to spend more time with my children. I get to volunteer in the classroom something that before adult I was unable to do, because I worked over 40 hours a week to pay the bills. It is an amazing experience being a mom and is very fulfilling. I believe being there for your children and having good communication with them is key to being a successful parent.

3. What are 3 things that you learned as a child that really helped you in adult life as an adult and what is a crazy childhood story you can tell us?

My dad passed away when I was young, and it forced me to grow up fast and make adult decisions at a young age. With that in a mind, I see a lot of young girls making terrible life-changing decisions and do not put very much forethought into their decisions. I am glad that I am able to break down potential decisions, process them and see what the possible repercussions are. I went to Catholic school (which people find funny), and it taught me that you can not take anything for face value and there is always a hidden meaning behind everything!!

4.  You are an adult film actress. Why adult films, how did you get started and what has it done for your brand and career?

I love doing adult. I also do mainstream TV and movies. Adult has helped me play a bigger role in my children’s lives. I started in September 2010. My first scene was for Bang Bros. and it was amazing. Some girls make this a career and last 10 plus years. The majority of girls are in and out in a year or less. I plan on being her for another year or two depending on how long it takes me finish school and have enough money saved up to last me. I started as the girl next door and now I’m the MILF next door, which is cool.

5. What is the biggest pro about doing adult films and what is the biggest con about doing adult films?

The biggest is con is that doing adult limits what kind of career you can have afterwards. For instance, working with children is pretty much not a good idea, because if it was ever found out that you did adult in your past, it could really harm not only your personal life, but your professional life, as well. Honestly, the main pro for me is making good money fast with not a lot of time put into making that money. I know that sounds harsh but the main reason I do this is to be able to provide for my children and put myself through school. You do get to travel to places you wouldn’t otherwise go to which is great because I like to sight see.

6. You are also bisexual. What is the difference in being with a women verse’s being with a man?

It’s very different, and I know most bisexual women would agree on that. A women is soft, gentle and, in my opinion, more passionate. Being with a man can be those things as well, but it is a totally different feel.


7. In your eyes can, you show or teach either a man or women how to please you and does size matter at the end of the day?

On the size thing yes, it does matter because most women don’t want a giant. LOL I like a little above average. So if average is 5.5 inches, then I like around 6.5 to 7.5. Once we get to 8 and above it can be too big. Honestly, I am 29 and I don’t really want to teach anyone how to pleasure a woman, at this point. I want someone with experience. But, yes if there is something I like or do not like I will definitely communicate that.

8. What is your favorite sexual position with both a man or women and why is that you favorite position?

Well with women, I love giving and receiving oral. Also, scissoring—there’s something so sexual about grinding together that gets me going. As for sex with men, my favorites would be doggie and missionary it’s a toss between the two, because it depends on the penis.

9. What other business ventures do you have coming down the pipeline and how important is it for you to do other things outside of the adult film industry?

I’m in the process of writing my first parody script. It is fun yet challenging, because I’ve never written a script before. So, I’m excited to see how it plays out. As for outside the industry, I am going to school, and hopefully I will put my degree to use when I am finished.

10. What is your mission statement and where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

I want to write, produce and direct, and I am on my way to doing that.

I used to want to be an agent, but after the recent HIV scares I don’t think I could be the one to advise a person whether to come forward and tell the industry they are positive, versus staying silent and exercising their HIPPA rights. That job falls on the agent to console someone during the initial difficulties of getting any STI/STD and that is something I couldn’t do, because to me, they would all be family and it would tear me up inside.

On a lighter note, I’m glad that I have had the opportunity to work as talent going on four years, and I hope to be talent as well as direct for a few more years, until I finish school and move on to the next chapter in my life.

(New Exclusive Written Interview) Adult Film Actress Zoey Monroe Keeps It Real Wit Kareem Williams

Adult Film Actress Zoey Monroe Keeps It Real Wit Kareem Williams

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I will always love Detroit but there isn’t anything there for me anymore other than family. There isn’t snow in LA first of all and there are way more opportunities to be successful here than in Detroit, I hate to admit that but it’s the truth. I’m glad Detroit raised me because theres no way I would be this brave and adventurous otherwise.
Haha I try not to attend those parties because of the craziness, it definitely can be too much. I couldn’t tell you the craziest thing I’ve seen or done, way too explicit hahaha
They’re extremely fake and they live the quote “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” and I don’t hang with that, if I don’t like you, I sure as hell aint gonna be your best friend. There aren’t many people I dislike, but I keep a tight circle, everyone’s crazy man, you gotta find the ones that are your kind of crazy.
Pros are I like getting to set and getting my hair and make up done and feeling all glamorous in the photo shoot before the scene and then you get to have sex and leave with a check, it’s too good to be true! Only cons I can think of are the handful of my “co-workers” that aren’t safe outside of set life. I always kind of knew I wanted be in adult and the opportunity fell into my lap and I went for it.
I’m nominated for best new starlet, best 3some boy-girl-girl, best trans scene, and the fan voting most promising new starlet, for xbiz I’m nominated for best actress in a feature film, and my feature movie Bitter Sweet has a bunch of nominations in all categories for both awards. I’m extremely excited and thankful my hard work and fun times were noticed and I can’t wait for the shows and to keep making awesome movies.
doggie because it’s awesome, and mish with legs way up wrapped around a neck, because it’s equally awesome
These questions always piss me off lol, why the hell do people think pornstars can’t have boyfriends?! I’ve been single since high school, by choice. I don’t like to waste my time with labels when I know I’m not going to stay with that person long term.
Turn off is a show off, a liar, and a guy that looks down on women. Turn ons, tattoos, clever wit, mystery. I don’t have a specific type, dazzle me.
A bunch I can’t say yet, but it’s awesome. Also tshirts and a YouTube channel, keep an eye out.
The next 5 years of Zoey will blow your mind, just wait and see for yourself 😉

(New Exclusive Interview) Ms Desire 101 Talks Life As A Adult Film Actress

Ms Desire 101 Talks Life As A Adult Film Actress

Ms Desire 101 is one of the realest Adult Film Actress I have interviewed to date. I mean in this interview she put it all out on the table. Everything from her crazy child hood to her life as a adult film porn star. Trust me when I tell you once you hear her story, You will be shocked and have a brand new respect for this young lady. Ms Desire 101 is a fighter, a go getter, an independent women and someone that any women on earth can truly learn a lot from. This is a pretty long exclusive interview so I am going to post it below for you to listen right now.

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(New Exclusive Interview) Joanna Angel Talks Burning Angel Empire and Her Fleshlight Girl Toy

Joanna Angel Talks Burning Angel Empire and Her Fleshlight Girl

Adult Film Actress Joanna Angel is a  Multiple award winner within the Adult Film Industry. She is also the owner of a company called Burning Angel. This women is what I like to call a go getter and she is very down to earth. She even has her own Adult Fleshlight Girl Toy. This women is like the Tiger Woods of the adult film industry. I had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Joanna Angel and it was off the chain. Check out our interview below.

Pretty interesting interview right? Well as I promised, below is Joanna Angel’s music video called Gimme Some Pants featuring The Gigolo’s. Please make sure you share this post on your social media websites, comment and tell me how you feel about this classic interview with Joanna Angel.

(New Exclusive Interview) Evanni Solei Talks About What Got Her Into The Adult Film Industry

Evanni Solei Talks About What Got Her Into The Adult Film Industry

I had the opportunity to interview Adult Film Actress Evanni Solei. She is a well known Porn Star that is a very business savvy women, she also has a heart of gold and is very very kind. She speaks very well which is really nice and it make it easy to talk to her. In this interview she talks about how size does not matter to her and what positions she likes when having sex in her personal life. Evanni Solei  also speaks on the pro’s and con’s of being a model and a Adult Film Actress. Check out this exclusive interview below by clicking the play button.

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(New Exclusive Interview) Kimmy Olsen Talks Life In The Adult Film Industry

Kimmy Olsen Talks Life In The Adult Film Industry

Kimmy Olsen is a L.A. based Adult Film Actress. She has a brand that is out of this world. In this interview she also touches on the rumor of black actor and white actress losing value for doing scenes together. Kimmy Olsen also talks about doing rap video’s and her modeling career.  This is one of the most interesting interviews I have ever done. Its always fun interviewing adult film actress. Check out this interview below.

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(New Exclusive Interview) Misty Stone Talks Being Named The Halle Berry Of Porn

Misty Stone

When it comes to the adult film industry, their are only a couple of women that really are really rocking the core of the adult film industry. Adult film actress Misty Stone is one of those women. She has a very strong personally but she is the sweetest person you will ever meet, along with being a very down to earth type of chick. What man would not love to have a conversation with a chick that is like the homie? The award winning adult film star give me the opportunity to interview her about the adult film industry and what she has going on outside of the being an Adult Film Actress. Check the play button below and listen to this crazy interview. Trust me when I tell you, this interview is crazy.

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